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IMNEWRUN participated in the National Talent Development Strategy Forum

On August 31, 2023, the 8th National Talent Development Strategy Forum took place in the main conference room of IMNEWRUN, with the theme of "Fostering an Industry-Academia Collaboration Ecosystem".

Before the forum began, participants had the opportunity to visit the central research center of IMNEWRUN, where they were introduced to an integrated industry-academia convergence model that seamlessly combined the exceptional human resources of the company with the advanced infrastructure of universities.

Han-Joo Kim, CEO of IMNEWRUN presented the successful development of an industry-academia convergence system, focusing on the theme of "Growing Together with Universities" and highlighting the journey towards establishing this system. Given the growing interest in industry-academia collaboration, this forum was broadcast live within the Ministry of Education.

Subsequently, in a closed-door meeting, he conveyed the voices and recommendations from the field regarding the need for long-term and substantive partnerships among industry, academia, and government, moving beyond short-term and one-off collaborations, as well as the necessary policy improvements to the Ministry of Education.


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